Confidentiality of Custom Essay Writing

It is not a good idea to pay for troubles. Thus, if you are going to buy papers online, make sure the company you are ordering with offers a high level of performance security. As far as WriteMyAssignment.Net is concerned, we have all the privacy guarantees for you to feel confident and safe while ordering.

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Privacy Warranties of Custom Essay Writing Service by WriteMyAssignment.Net

We do not just promise you that everything is going to be okay. You can check the set of true facts here to be completely assured in safety of buying papers online with us.

  1. No Information Disclosure

    According to our privacy policy our employees are not allowed to disclose the customers’ personal information. Thus, even if your professor comes to our service and asks whether you buy custom essays online, he will learn nothing. Writers never get our customers’ personal information. Actually they do not even know the name of a person they perform custom essay writing for. Only the authorized customer support team members can access your personal details.

  2. Secure Keeping of the Information

    Our IT department has developed the ideal conditions for keeping your personal information. Thus, there is no chance for someone to hack our database and see the list of people, who buy papers online with us. The SSL system has also been applied.

  3. Secure Payment

    Your payment information is also kept safe. In fact, we never get any payment details, because you enter them on the selected payment system’s website. This way of payment for the custom essay writing has a lot of advantages:

    Secure Payment (with Payment System) Insecure Payment (on Custom Essay Writing Website)

    You cannot be charged without being aware of this.

    You can be charged without any prior notification.

    You can trust the worldwide known payment system, as they take care about security of information.

    You cannot be sure whether the website keeps your payment details in a proper way.

    “I was never overcharged, and there were never any issues with hidden payments. That is why I know that I can trust WriteMyAssignment.Net fully. This is highly appreciated and contributes to comfortability”, Accounting, “The Report”, 8 pages

How to Check Our Privacy Guarantees and Reliability to Buy Custom Essays Online?

There are two main ways to check our privacy warranties if you hesitate whether to buy papers online with us or not.

Way #1: Check the Feedbacks

You should read the feedback from customers published on our website as well as on the other websites with reviews. If there are no unsatisfied customers, who faced privacy issues, you should not worry, but order the safe custom essay writing.

Way #2: Try to Test the Security

You are also welcome to test our security level. You can contact our support team any time and try to find out anything about any of our customers. Even if you pretend to be a professor, or you decide to play any other role of official worker, you won’t get any details about the students, who buy papers online.

“I am paranoid, but once I had no choice but to order custom paper writing service. After testing the most recommended writing companies I have chosen WriteMyAssignment.Net and this turned to be a great choice!” IT, Web, “Website Development”, 9 pages

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